Millions Affected by Security Breach…Again

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Banks, Secuirty Breach
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I don’t know about you, but it seems like every quarter we are having a major security breach. Millions of email addresses and financial information are always at risk. The usual drumbeat by the affected firm is it was highly sophisticated thief’s. Really? Rumors are it was an inside job to it was an outside political campaign group.

While that may be true, what is your IT department doing to protect the privacy of all the people who entrusted you to do so? In a cyberworld, where the Internet never sleeps, we will continue to see more of this, not less unfortunately. The hits just keep on coming…maybe that should be the title to these breaches.

US marketing firm Epsilon was hit by one of the biggest data thefts to date, the work of highly sophisticated cyber thieves, says parent company Alliance Data Systems.

Millions of names and e-mail addresses were stolen from Epsilon, which handles e-mail marketing campaigns for 2,500 companies, including Marks & Spenser and the Ritz-Carlton, which were among the more than 40 companies affected by the breach.

Take a look at this list, there are some big companies on this list including some big BANKS.

Both companies have issued warnings to customers in the UK in recent days to be on the look out for phishing and scam e-mails.

Ed Heffernan

Ed Heffernan is the Chief Executive Officer at Alliance

Alliance Data, Epsilon and all its customers affected by the breach have emphasized that no financial details were taken, but security experts say the risk is high of receiving targeted phishing e-mails in future. Really? Come On Man! With millions of consumers affected, especially with these BANKS on the list, I’d be asking my bank for a new debit card every time there is a breach.

I’ve received several emails from friends who are getting emails from these breached companies.You are subject to phishing scams, and it has already started from the feedback I’ve received.

Never give out this information in an email:

  • Your credit card number
  • Your Social Security number
  • Other personally identifiable information

Are we to become numb with all of this happening repeatedly? The same drumbeat from the company Exec’s stating we are doing everything possible to nab the culprits. When was the last time you saw in the media that these cyber criminals have been apprehended and put behind bars?

Companies have an obligation to protect, and they must determine the WEAKEST LINK in their security and fix it. Maybe it’s the CEO!

What are your thoughts?


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