Credit Union Leadership Where Art Thou

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Credit Unions
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Let’s take a look at Credit Union membership. Membership grew by only 500 members from 2009 -2010, the slowest growth in membership in decades. In a turbulent time when Banks are getting pummeled by the press, this administration, more regulation, more FDIC assessments and they are outpacing Credit Unions in growth!

Credit Union leadership…WAKE UP! Where is your marketing? Where is your vision? Where is the Trust? Where is your leadership? Complacency has taken over.  I heard one CEO tell me that he is Coasting, another one told me his Credit Union runs on Autopilot, another one waits three more years until retirement.

Who wants a Leader that is coasting especially in these tough times?

In this fast paced Social Media World, you are falling behind as I type this blog post. Quite frankly I’m not so sure you will be able to catch up. Sitting, waiting for all the lights to be on green???

LEAD or get someone who can.

Credit Union Asset Group Size by Members 2010


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